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What To Do When You Need Emergency Car Unlocking and Car Key Replacement?

A while back, losing your vehicle keys or, even worse, misplacing them, wasn’t a huge concern. There’s a chance that your automobile even had a spare in a little box that was affixed to the bumper’s inside. However, as vehicles have become more technologically complex, so have their keys rather than emergency car unlocking, and getting new ones may now be rather pricey.

Replace a lost or stolen key by following a few procedures and spending several hundred dollars, depending on the type and year of the car you drive. Create a backup key and store it safely if you don’t already have a second car key. The main categories of automobile keys are shown here, along with advice on what to do if yours disappears.

Have You Misplaced All Of The Car Keys?

A short time ago, automakers did not equip their vehicles with advanced anti-theft technologies. The normal traditional car key was all that was required for vehicles, and replacing lost car keys was a pretty easy process.

Today, practically every vehicle that operates on our roads has a transponder/chip-key system incorporated into it, and some even have extra security measures. But things have changed. Having a standard automobile key no longer suffices in today’s world. Since your car key must be programmed to your vehicle for it to start, providing a replacement key nowadays necessitates the use of specialized instruments and in-depth programming skills. Though it’s not as easy as it once was to replace automobile keys, there are still options for you! In most cases, the choice is between using a mobile automotive locksmith down the block or having your car towed to the nearest dealership. A spare key can be given to you by either of them.

Things To Do If Your Car Keys Are Lost

Search Around

When you notice your car key is gone, you should look all about you. Maintain your composure and go backward. The keys are frequently directly in front of you, so there is rarely a need to move.

If you manage to locate the keys, follow my final piece of advice and acquire a spare while the shock is still fresh in your memory. It’s time to move forward if you are unable to locate the keys.

Ways To Unlock a Car

Make Use Of A Second Set Of Keys

Examining the key fob will provide the solution, which is the most straightforward. In most cases, if you can’t open the driver’s door with a card, a built-in emergency car unlocking key will allow you to do it mechanically. It doesn’t matter if the backup alarm key fob has long since lost power; all you need to do is unlock the door, turn off the alarm, and retrieve any keys that may have fallen inside. Notably, this approach will only function if you’ve locked your keys in the car close to your home rather than across town. It makes sense, by the way, to carry the emergency key separately from the card, maybe alongside the home keys.

Pass-Through The Trunk

Manual locks often lock the doors of numerous automobiles, but the truck is left unlocked. If you’re lucky, you might be able to open it by moving the back seats forward to provide room for movement. You may then manually unlock the doors after getting inside the vehicle.

Unlock Slim Jim

To open automobile doors, a thin metal strip is utilized. With this gadget, you must practice opening doors. The wires on the inside of the door and the weather stripping might be torn if not handled properly. Since there are fewer cables on the passage door than on the driver’s, it will be a better alternative. Use its hook-like end to catch the locking mechanism that is under the locking pin as you slowly push it through the weather stripping. Once the hook has a solid grasp on the lock, pull to release it.


Although it’s not a guaranteed approach, the shoelace method for car door unlocking may work on some models of automobiles. However, it’s always worth a shot. Typically, this will only work on older cars. Making a slip knot out of one of your shoelaces is what you need to accomplish. Put the shoelace on the top right corner of your door and wriggle it down until it is inside the car. In essence, you are flossing the car door with your shoelace until it is inside. Once it’s in, you can move the slip knot over the lock button, and if you pull up on one side of the shoelace, it will tighten the knot and allow you to draw up the lock. As you can see, this will only work with a very particular type of lock, but it has worked for many drivers in the past, so it’s worth a try.

The Wedge And Alternative Solutions

Using a door stop (or wedge) with a long metal rod is another way to open a locked automobile. You then employ the same strategy, driving the wedge into the door’s top to create a gap. Put the rod through the gap and depress your car’s unlock button with it.

Of course, having access to these tools when you need them is necessary for the wedge and hanger approaches. You will still want expert assistance if your car has door locks that are hidden behind the internal door handle. If you manage to lock yourself out of the car when the trunk is open, you might be able to shift the back seat aside and obtain access to the back of the car. You can also conceal a spare ignition key in the trunk, along with your emergency car unlocking bag or toolbox.

Release Lever For Emergencies

On many vehicles, a lever next to the driver’s seat can be used to unlock a door from the inside in an emergency. Keep in mind that not all car makes and models react to these techniques and that attempting to open a car door without the proper tools or expert assistance may cause damage and violate any warranties. So, if you can’t unlock the door, it’s better to call a tow truck service or a professional lock specialist.

Verify Whether Missing Keys Are Covered By Your Insurance

Before doing anything, see if your auto insurance will cover the cost of misplaced keys. This is something that many suppliers give, and it frequently turns out to be considerably more affordable than paying the entire cost yourself.

Do You Have Breakdown Coverage? Make Contact With Your Provider

If you have breakdown insurance, your provider may send someone to assist you in getting back into your vehicle. If you’ve locked your keys inside your automobile, this is extremely useful. You may receive a new set without having to leave your car alone thanks to some carriers’ mobile key-cutting services.

Get In Touch With Car Dealership

If your vehicle is still very new, the auto dealership might be able to provide you with a replacement key. It can be expensive and time-consuming to make this choice, though. You must present both your vehicle’s VIN and ownership documentation, such as a title or registration, as evidence of ownership. It may take a few days or even weeks for the dealership to order a new key from the manufacturer.

Know The Kind Of Car Key

As soon as you’re certain you can’t find your keys, you should consider what sort of key you’ll need because it will affect how to get it replaced.

A locksmith may produce a duplicate key without the original one right away if you have a conventional key. You’ll likely need to be towed to a dealership and obtain a replacement if your key is more technologically sophisticated. If so, be ready to present identification, such as the title, registration, or purchase documents, as confirmation that you are the vehicle’s owner.

Speak To A Qualified Locksmith In Your Area

Another choice is a professional vehicle locksmith. You will probably receive a blank, generic key, but they may still be customized for your vehicle. The old key may typically be disabled by these locksmiths, preventing simple auto theft if someone discovers it.

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